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Redscale is when you shoot your film from the wrong side. I respooled some 800 speed Fuji film and shot it in my Olympus OM-1, overexposing each shot by two or three f-stops. Developed as usual and scanned with no color correction at my local Photography store. These were all shot in Asheville, North Carolina.
redscale plantredscale plant 2redscale boot in leavesredscale treesredscale trees 2redscale bottlesredscale rebel flagredscale bridgeredscale bridge 2redscale tree and moonredscale tree and moon 2redscale plant 3redscale gas stationpug in redscaletree in redscaletree and snow in redscaleboat and snow in redscaleredscale snowredscale snow and carredscale robot